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Circle Round the Sun a Foreigner In Jap download
Circle Round the Sun a Foreigner In Jap
Peregrine Hodson
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The author of Under the Sickle Moon shares a narrative of life in the heart of the Japanese business world, offering colorful portraits of the personalities he encounters and providing insights into the workings of Japanese society. 10,000 first printing..Describes the life of an Englishman in Japan, a banker by day and a writer by night, and what it feels like to be a chameleon in a pin-stripe suit: the strange sensation of returning to Japan, as another persona comes back to life, part Japanese, part gaijin; the gradual internalization of an alien culture; and the bittersweet adventure of becoming someone other. The book records the experience of an outsider in a country where the group is all-powerful, and of an individual in a society where conformity is an almost religious duty. It describes a journey through the looking glass land of a foreigner in Tokyo and the invisible country which exists in the mind of the Japanese, into the interior - in search of the heart of Japan

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