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The Tao of Nutrition
Maoshing Ni, Cathy McNease
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Offers information on making every meal therapeutic, teaching you how to make appropriate food choices for your ailments, your constitution, and the season of the year. This title provides guidance for the seasoned practitioner, as well as the new student of healthy living..Presents the wisdom of the ancient Chinese who were very much in tune with their bodies and their environment. This is both a healing system and a disease prevention system. The advantage of Chinese nutrition lies in its flexibility in adapting to every individual's needs in the prevention of disease, and treatment of the whole person.This book presents the principles of Chinese nutrition, including the energies and therapeutic properties of foods, methods of preparation, body type, season, and geographical location. Harmony and balance, the fundamental principles of universal existence, are also the basis of a healthy diet. The roots of Chinese knowledge about nutrition are at least 6,000 years old and produce time-tested results in terms of general health and longevity

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