Playing Shakespeare: An Actor's Guide (Methuen Paperback) pdf, epub, fb2 download free

Playing Shakespeare: An Actor's Guide (Methuen Paperback) download
Playing Shakespeare: An Actor's Guide (Methuen Paperback)
John Barton
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Playing Shakespeare is the premier guide to understanding and appreciating the mastery of the world's greatest playwright. Together with Royal Shakespeare Company actors-among them Patrick Stewart, Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Ben Kingsley, and David Suchet-John Barton demonstrates how to adapt Elizabethan theater for the modern stage. The director begins by explicating Shakespeare's verse and prose, speeches and soliloquies, and naturalistic and heightened language to discover the essence of his characters. In the second section, Barton and the actors explore nuance in Shakespearean theater, from evoking irony and ambiguity and striking the delicate balance of passion and profound intellectual thought, to finding new approaches to playing Shakespeare's most controversial creation, Shylock, from The Merchant of Venice . A practical and essential guide, Playing Shakespeare will stand for years as the authoritative favorite among actors, scholars, teachers, and students..A classic work for actors and students on understanding and playing Shaekspeare. In the first half of the book, Barton attempts an objective analysis of how Shakespeare's text actually works; in the second half he concentrates on the more subjective areas such as irony and ambiguity, passion and coolness.John Barton is Advisory Director at the Royal Shakespeare Company and has directed some of the greatest Shakespeare productions of our time. His book, Playing Shakespeare , is a transcript of his televised workshops with some of our finest Shakespearean actors: Peggy Ashcroft, Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Ben Kingsley, Patrick Stewart and David Suchet. This new edition contains a DVD with 80 minutes of video featuring John Barton in conversation with Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart and Jane Lapotaire discussing changes in approaches to Shakespeare's text since the book first published. This edition also features a foreword by Michael Boyd. This is a highly readable approach to understanding Shakespeare's text and unlocking the hidden stage directions and actors clues that reside in his verse. As Barton explains, "when an actor becomes aware of them they will find Shakespeare himself starts to direct them."A classic work for actors and students on understanding and playing Shaekspeare

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