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Blizzards (New True Book) download
Blizzards (New True Book)
Arlene Erlbach
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Earth Sciences Books
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The "New True Books" have been produced to fill a very important need. Children are by nature inquisitive and these fact-filled books provide answers to many basic questions..Children's Press is pleased to introduce True Books for a new generation Completely redesigned for today's young, investigative reader, True Books are an indispensable addition to any collection. Each book guides the reader through the facts that nurture their need to know.The new, dynamic True Books design features: - an inviting and interactive page format- a readable and attractive typeface- large, bold, and brilliant full-color photographsThe True Books series takes the young reader beyond the standard, fact-filled text by adding avenues for further discovery. Each book includes a variety of sidebars, highlighting extra facts that will fascinate children. In the Important Words section, young readers will find a glossary of words that will both challenge and expand their vocabulary. Each book includes a To Find Out More section, where every curious reader can find a list of related books to read and organizations to contact.True Books also point readers to the vast electronic universe of information on the Internet. Each book will list: - e-mail addresses to help the reader contact individuals and organizations- appropriate newsgroups and mailing lists- FTP sites to download fun and useful softwareBegun in the 1950s, True Books are universally embraced as the definitive nonfiction series for young readers. Now in its third incarnation, the True Books series has once again evolved to meet the needs and tastes of modern readers and educators.The "New True Books" have been produced to fill a very important need

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