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Get a Grip on Dreams (Get a Grip on...) download
Get a Grip on Dreams (Get a Grip on...)
Maeve Ennis, Jennifer Parker
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After dark, in the privacy of our bedrooms, our dreams are where we lose our inhibitions. Valued by the ancients as a source of divine messages, dreams are now seen as the gateway to our secret desires and motivations. Get a Grip On Dreams takes you on a guided tour of our collective unconscious, looking at the scientific thinking about why we dream and how dreams work, and the psychological explanation of what it all means. From Artemidorus to Fritz Perls, this book will open your eyes to what goes on when sleep comes..What are dreams? Since ancient times, humans have tried to debate and decipher their meaning and have attached practical and spiritual significance to these mysterious nighttime narratives. The ancients thought they foretold the future; Sigmund Freud believed that they were a path to the unconscious; some scientists believe that dreams are just the random firing of neurons in the brain during sleep

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