Hannah Montana: Crush-Tastics - #6: Junior Novel pdf, epub, fb2 download free

Hannah Montana: Crush-Tastics - #6: Junior Novel download
Hannah Montana: Crush-Tastics - #6: Junior Novel
Beth Beechwood
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Performing Arts Books
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Series Description: Miley Stewart looks like a regular girl-next-door, but she's got a big secret. When the lights go down, Miley is the famous teen pop sensation Hannah Montana Miley may be a celebrity when she's on stage, but she wants the rest of her life to be as normal as possible. The only people who know the truth about Miley's dual identity are her father, brother, and best friends Lilly and Oliver. But keeping that secret-and balancing school and homework with her newfound fame and fortune-is harder than Miley ever thought it would be. Book description: Miley just can't get her mind off cutie Jake Ryan, but should she tell him how she feels? Then, Miley ends up confessing her love for Jake on a home movie that her Aunt Dolly is making, and the tape ends up in Jake's hands by mistake Will Aunt Dolly she be able to help Miley get the tape back before her secret is revealed? Plus, Miley gets more than she bargained for when she tries out for cheerleading.

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